Si necesita un sistema completo de bombeo de agua que incluye:  paneles solares, cableado , la
controladora  del sistema de bombeo mas la bomba de agua. llene la forma que esta abajo  e
indique cualquier detalle incluyendo  la cantidad total de agua requerida total por día.
También se puede incluir la estructura de montaje para los paneles solares  si la solicita en el
momento de dar los detalles  y por favor escriba la direccion de envío  con su respectivo código de
área correctamente postal para poder calcular el envío dentro de Los Estados Unidos.
Si requiere envío Internacional o envío hasta Mexico se le puede enviar utilizando  una tercera
compañía que podrá hacerle llegar el equipo hasta su pais de destino  y este envío será cubierto por
el cliente . si usted ya tiene quien le  haga el envío hasta su pais díganos que compañía de carga es
para que nuestro agente de carga se comunique con ellos.
Solar Water Pumps
Bombas de Agua Solares
We do not ship to APO or PO Box addresses.

FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: All orders from outside the United States require a wire
transfer. and clear Address for calculate the shipping cost Please contact us by email for
this information at
From plant growth, livestock watering, and also pumping a well, most of these solar pumps are absolutely a solution that respects the environment rather than
using a lot more troublesome pump that needs flammable fuel.
Solar Water pump uses neat and easy to get sun and also gives zero waste. The solar water pumps need almost no maintenance routine because they have
few moving parts. In addition, solar water pumps under no circumstances depletes energy provided that there is always the sun on the horizon. Solar water
pumps are absolutely protected and very simple for landscaping option. The solar water pumps are made to use the DC power indicated by solar electric panels.
The real engine of these pumps is very effective and it is made to continue to manage maybe even throughout low light situations without dropping or getting hot
to ensure that there is a regular productivity or even water.
The solar water pumps will keep the plants healthy in a small fraction of the price. Characteristics of water with solar energy is an example in which we are able
to really make a difference and shows essentially the attitude that needs to be implemented when a significant effect on global warming should be reached.
Take the first step and change of solar-powered water. Water features to solar energy, as the title suggests, are generally driven with sunlight using solar panels.
Solar powered water bodies in the lawn add more attraction for first place, while ecological substitute for their electrical counterparts who rely on non-renewable
fuels, which makes pollutants harmful.
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Custom Made Solar Pump Kit / Sistemas de bombeo diseñados a su necesidad
If you need a complete solar water pumping kit  including: solar
pump, solar panels, wiring, pump controller, fill out the form is
below and enter any detail including: the total amount of water
required a day.
Also we can include mounting structure for the solar panels, if it
is  requested at the time of giving the well details and please write
the Shipping address with its respective correctly zip code we
need it to calculate shipping cost within the United States. If you
international shipping or shipping to Mexico you may be sent
using a third company that may bringing you the equipment to
your destination country and this shipment will be covered by the
customer. If you already have a shipping company let us know too.