The PowerSpout BE is the most cost effective turbine in the product range. It is a durable domestic scale hydro turbine that can be stacked up to 10 units. The rugged fully
enclosed design makes it ideal for remote properties and developing countries. The BE turbine is intended for use with a 12/24/48 VDC battery bank, external diversion
regulator and inverter system. For grid connect applications refer to our GE turbine. PowerSpout BE is well suited to sites where the turbine is in close proximity to the
point of power consumption so that cable distance (hence cost) is not significant and where maximum power point tracking and data logging is not required.
PowerSpout Features
* Power range: 1.0 to 1.2 kW at 12/24/48/120/350-400 VDC. Custom up to 1.6 kW. Up to 16 kW with 10 stacked units.
* Head range: 3 – 100 m (10 – 330 ft). Custom up to 120 m (400 ft)
* Flow range/turbine: 0.25-8 Litres/second (5-130 gallons/minute) per turbine
* Efficiency: Up to 60% (50-55% typical is application and site dependent)
* Warranty: 3 years subject to maintenance procedure in manual
Shipping charge to 48 continental US states only, NOT IN Puerto Rico , Hawaii, Alaska, Virgin Islands.
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Mini Hydro Generator
$1599.00 + Shipping
PowerSpout Specifications

* Generator: 3-phase permanent magnet adjustable up to 80% efficient
* Voltage: 12/24/48dc or any custom voltage up to 400 VDC or VAC
* Wattage single: 100 - 1200 W standard. Custom up to 1600 W
* Wattage stacked (2-10 units): 0.2-12 kW standard. Custom up to 16 kW
* Running speed: 200 - 1600 rpm
* Watt/rpm: 0.7 W/rpm standard, 1.0 W/rpm high power version with MPPT (ME and GE only)
* Bearings: SKF explorer series sealed front 6005-2Z OD52mm ID25mm and rear 6205-2Z
OD47mm ID25mm. Sealed bearings need to be re-greased at times and PowerSpout is
equipped with a re-greasing nipple to do this easily.
* Regulation: BE-non supplied, voltage limiting regulation for ME and GE turbine supplied
* Jets: 2 with 10-plastic jet inserts supplied (2-25mm hole size range, easily cut on site).
* Shipping weight: Up to 25kg packed weight.

There are numerous PowerSpout resources available from the website including
• All product and installation manuals. Prospective buyers need to read the manuals prior to purchase. Manuals are not supplied with the product.
• Advanced Calculator. Cable and pipe sizes, type/number of turbines and power output can be determined for your site using the online calculator. A manual
for the calculator is also online giving instructions and worked examples
• Photos and videos: turbines, parts, assembly and maintenance tasks and much more
• How to order (summary): All PowerSpout generators are optimized for your site data. Customers wishing to order a PowerSpout need to submit site data by
using the Advanced Calculator or completing the site data table in this guide. Your dealer will help you place your order.

Please contact us if you have any questions, or if there is no shipping weight noted for a shipping cost quote. Prices in catalog and online subject to change
without notice due to vendor price increases. Online prices supersede catalog prices. We will contact you if current price is more than the online price prior to
processing the order.
TURBINE, 100 - 1200 WATT, 12 / 24 / 48 VOLT
Quick Overview
Battery enabled micro-hydro turbine. Connected directly to a battery
bank with a diversion load controller for system regulation.
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