Solar Water Pumps
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The SQFlex system from Grundfos is not just another solar pump; it's a revolution in remote water supply.
Features of the Grundfos 11 SQF-2 SQFlex Solar Pump: Dry-Running Protection: This unique feature shuts
down the pump if it detects water shortage. Every SQFlex pump comes standard with this sensor pre-
installed, protecting the well from being over-pumped and the pump from damage. Helical Rotor Pump (3"):
Designed to pump high levels very efficiently, these models allow pumping levels as deep as 820 ft. The 3
in. diameter allows the pump to go in installations where others can't. Materials: All Stainless steel for long
pump life.
11 SQF-2 SQFlex Solar Pump

Max Power Input = 1300W
Output = 1 1/4" NPT
Net Weight = 18 lbs
Power supply to pump 30-300 VDC, PE.
Run-up time Depends on the energy source.
Start/stop No limitation to the number of starts/stops per hour.
Enclosure class IP 68.

Motor protection- Built into the pump.
Protection: dry running by means of a water level electrode
Protection: overvoltage and undervoltage
Protection: overload
Protection: overtemperature
Conductivity ≥ 70 μs/cm (micro siemens).

Radio noise The SQF complies with the EMC Directive        89/336/EEC.
Approved according to the standards EN 61000-6-2 and EN 61000-6-3.
Power factor PF = 1.
Operation via generator: Voltage: 230 VAC –10%/+6%.
The generator output must be • minimum 1000 W (helical rotor pumps) • minimum 1500 W
(centrifugal pumps).
Borehole diameter 3 SQF, 6 SQF, 11 SQF: Minimum: 3 in.
16 SQF, 25 SQF, 40 SQF, 60 SQF: Minimum: 4 in.
Installation depth Minimum: The pump must be completely      
submerged in the pumped liquid.
Maximum depth: 500 ft below the static water table (220 psi).
Suction strainer
Holes of the suction strainer:
3 SQF, 6 SQF, 11 SQF: ø0.090 in.
16 SQF, 25 SQF: ø0.10 in.
40 SQF, 60 SQF: 0.16 in x 0.80 in.
Pumped liquids pH 5 to 9.
Sand content up to 50 ppm.
Marking CE.
Pumps Models:
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Features and Benefits:

Renewable energy supply: solar panels or wind turbines
Built-in electronics, easy installation
Reliable water supply
Low operating costs
Dry-running protection
Built-in motor protection
High Efficiency
Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
Wide voltage range
Built-in sand shield
Two year warranty

Model Number: 11 SQF 2
Helical rotor pump
Supply Voltage: 30-300 VDC or 90-240 VAC at 50/60 Hz
Maximum Gallons per Minute: 12.5 GPM
Maximum Head: 395 ft.
Discharge: 1.25" NPT
Weight: 18 pounds
Dimensions: 49" length and 2.9" wide
11 SQF-2 Curve Data (pdf file)
2 Year Warranty
The SQFlex family is an environmentally-friendly water supply solution. SQFlex pumps are fitted with a permanent magnet motor which enables the efficient use of energy
from nature. The pump system offers the perfect water supply solution in remote areas where water is scarce and the power supply is non-existent or unreliable.

The SQFlex solar panels and wind turbines adapt to the characteristic weather profile of any given area. A battery backup system can store the extra energy generated
and take over when the energy from nature is not available.

SQFlex is more than just a pump – it's a complete intelligent system. Thanks to its built-in electronics, the pump is compatible with both DC and AC power supply without
requiring an external inverter.

The complete range consists of ten different pump sizes: Four helical rotor pumps for applications where a high head is required, and six centrifugal pumps for
applications where a greater flow rate is necessary.


The SQFlex systems are suitable for applications in remote locations:

Villages, schools, hospitals, small houses
Farms and irrigation of greenhouses
Game parks and game farms
Conservation areas.
Features and benefits

Renewable energy supply: solar panels or wind turbines
Built-in electronics, easy installation
Reliable water supply
Low operating costs
Dry-running protection.