Off grid kit  Ideal for Telecomunications
and Oil and Gas, we design and
assemble complete solar generators.

Even a small stream can generate consistent, clean,
dam free, renewable electricity at a price per Watt
lower than solar or wind.  A single generator at a site
good enough to generate 1kW can produce enough
electricity for a typical house for a year (>8,000 kWh/yr).
Welcome to Off Grid USA, the house of the Independent Power Systems for you home, remote areas, small village, islands, or any place when you need power and you
like be independent of the grid.     Also now we are offering Grid Tie Systems.
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Grundfos SQ Flex is
the ultimate
submersible water
pump. $
Produce your Energy Wherever and whenever
power. The Grundfos SQ Flex can be run by an inverter, a
generator, a battery, the utility grid, or any combination of
these sources.

The system components:

SQF submersible pump
CU 200 SQFlex control unit
IO 100 SQFlex switch box or IO 101 SQFlex  switch box
IO 102 SQFlex breaker box
Charge controller
Energy supply:
solar panels, wind turbine, generator,  batteries, etc.
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Reduce your electric bill, this is an power factor
corrector device. Made in USA. 20 years warranty
We have commercial version for business.

Also we have Tree Phase series for use in
or commectial applications.
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T8 LED lamp replacement
UL Listed
Our value-priced T8 LED replacement
bulb. Great for replacement of T8
fluorescent tubes in commercial and
residential applications.
20W  $59.50 Each + shipping
20 pieces per box
Solar Street Lamp
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85-265 VAC 12/24 VDC
Now we have Magnum
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  • Solar Sky Lite with IR Sensor is an intelligent
    outdoor lighting system that provides powerful
    lighting into an all-in-one easy compact easy to
    install package.

Key Benefits:

  •    Self sufficient
  •    No Electrical Cost
  •    Easy to Install
  •    No Wires or Cables needed
  •    Long lasting Lithium Battery
  •    Integrated IR sensor
  •    Compact design
  •    Cost savings

Product Overview
The Sunny Boy 5000-US, 6000-US, 7000-US and 8000-
US inverters are UL certified and feature excellent
efficiency. Graduated power classes provide flexibility in
system design. Automatic grid voltage detection* and an
integrated DC disconnect switch simplify installation,
ensuring safety as well as saving time. These models
feature galvanic isolation and can be used with all types
of modules — crystalline as well as thin-film.
SMA: Inverter GT 5k
600Vdc208/240Vdc TL
Retail Price:$3,145.00
Your Savings:$635.00
Your Price:
Solar Water Heaters
Now we have a new product,
Dacablue solar water heaters,
are very efficient  Ideal for
residential and commertial.
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Solar Refrigerators or Freezers